सीएमपी पहल


Report of CMP for the Month of Oct 2013-14




Class & subject

Learning objectives initially assigned

Learning Objectives realized or not

Name of Teacher with Sign of I/C






‘Sundari’- To teach about kite flying and making kite with paper.





Make a kite and read the lesson sundari, opposite, spelling.

Know how to prepare kite and learn colors, one-many, opposites

Sudha Soi


If ‘I were an apple’ poem recitation with actions rhythm

I ‘A’


Learn the poem by learnt names of trees comprehensive questions to learn and write.

Learnt the poem, draw pictures of apples, trees etc. Recite poem with action and proper accent.


Sudha Soi


Giving knowledge about half and half of half. Different ways to cut into half.

IV ‘A’


They leant about half and quarter in different ways. Half and quarters in meters and kilograms.

Yes, they learnt and doing different ways of half, one- fourth and three-fourth

Kamlesh kamboj



To enable the students to know the names of different planets and also awareness about the space and spacecraft an astronaut.




To collect and paste the different shape of the moon and draw picture of the day sky and night sky, and paste pictures of the different Indian astronauts and also paste the pictures of manmade and natural satellite .

Yes the student learnt about space, astronauts, satellites in different shapes of the moon and also about the space and spacecraft.


Sanyogta nagpal


Lesson: what if it finishes acquainting the students with the concept of natural resource, their usage.

2. To enable then to know about exhaustible resource of the consequences of their deletion.



To enquire about the latest prices of petrol, diesel, LPG and kerosene oil and make the list of renewable sources of fuel collect information about latest scientific advances in bio-fuel. To enable them to make posters about, to save petrol.

Yes, the student have learnt to save fuel, and natural resources of petrol and the latest prices of petrol diesels, LPG etc.



To enable the students to care and love each and every living thing. To develop the habit to plants and animals and save environment.



Pictures of different kinds of plants, insect and slogans to save plants and insects and animals. To enable the students to do the recitation of the poem with proper action and geslurs.


Yes, they have learnt about different plants, animals and insects. They have also learnt about the recitation of the poem with proper pronunciation pause and modulation.

Meena Rajput


To read and comprehend story, knowledge of process of E-Mail, knowledge of means of communication.

V – A


Know how to send an E-Mail, recipe of making salad, comprehended story, writing means of communication.

Yes, They learnt to send E-Mail and preparing salad.

Gurjeet Kaur Bedi


Imparting knowledge of map of India, understanding the need of a scale.

V – A


They learnt about the states of India, it’s neighboring Stats and understand how to enlarge and reduce the pictures and maps.

Yes, They learnt how to enlarge and reduce the pictures



Sanyogta nagpal


Student will know about our helpers in school and out of school. Like teachers , doctors , cobblers, postman, milkman etc.

II – A


Our Helpers

Student will be shown pictures of helpers, they will recite poem about helpers. They will able to tell the work of helpers.

They are able to recognize the pictures of helpers. They can recite poem about helpers.

Kamlesh Kamboj








Imparting knowledge of different birds. They will be shown original birds and nests. They will observe Beaks and feet of different birds.



A Busy Month

They learnt about the eating habits of birds. They can observe the size, color, beak, and feet of a bird.

Students are able to draw beaks, feet of birds. They can make a model of nest.

Sumitra Devi





Feeling of love and care for animals and birds will be

inculcated they will  learn the lesson with understanding 

IV – B


Given a chance to the students to narrate the story in their own words change the given sentence into simple past tense

Yes they learnt how to behave with the birds and animals









Ch.:-My Fun day and add our points.

To learn the names of month and days of weeks .to see to calendar to do simple addition and subtraction orally

II – B


The children will recite the rhymes on days of weeks and months of years. games will be played to do sums orally like lizard game, dice game etc.

Student have known about days and weeks and months of year .have also learnt how to do small calculations verbally

Anita Dhawan


Ch.:-Our helpers.

To give students about the knowledge of different occupations and professions.


Students will be asked to collect and paste different pictures of different occupations and tell their names.

They have learnt about different occupation and how people work in different departments.

Kamlesh Kamboj








Giving knowledge about tables. Co-relation with addition and subtraction. concept will be clear that tables are reported addition



How many times

They learnt about multiplication tree and problem solving sum.

Yes, they learn tables. They can able to do the sum of mental Maths.

Sanyogta nagpal


CMP Report for the Month of the Nov: 2013-14



Date Class &



Learning Objective Assignment

Learning Objective Achieved

Full Name of the Teacher

Tr- Sign




Watering Rhyme

Giving the knowledge of the importance of watering the plants. Encouraging the students to water the plants in school garden

Encourage the students to water the plants in school garden in non-teaching periods. Students will be assigning to make a dictionary of new words.

Yes, They learn how to utilize non-teaching periods and the importance of plants













Ch. Lines and lines

The students will know different positions like standing, slanting and sleeping .The students will learn how to draw different shapes.

Students will be given numbers and alphabets with the help of match sticks. Joining of dots to form different shapes.

Students have gain knowledge about horizontal, vertical and slanting lines and to draw different designs using these lines.

Anita Dhawan





Ch. Our Earth

Students will know about natural things like sun, moon and planets. They will know about hills ,valleys , mountains etc.

Students will be shown glob. They will see about where is water, land, hills, mountains etc. They will also learn name of eight planets.

Students have knowledge about our planets, hills, mountains, water on earth and also how seasons change.

Anita Dhawan





A Kite – Poem

Reside the poem with proper ascent and rhythm.

Read the poem, write it and draw a kite. Prepare kite also.

Know to reside the poem and with actions.

Sudha Soi





Play with Patterns

To understand the different patterns using the same blocks.

Knowing the same patterns and No number come twice in the pattern.




Yes, they learnt about the patterns with addition

Kamlesh Kamboj



III -English

Lesson – Little

Little Tiger Big Tiger Story- Awareness about our National animal and Awareness about another National Bird and knowledge about wild animals. To develop the habit to save wild life and save environment.

Learn and write the stories of animals and paste there pictures and write 10 lines about an animal of their own choice. Write slogans about to save animals and save environment and save earth and the beauty of our Country.

Students have learnt to save the wild life and to save environment and save earth and the beauty of our Country and aware about different kinds of animals.






Reading Comprehending and writing the sentences correctly. Degree of comparison.

Making PPT of the story, reading of stories. Degree of comparison to be done.

Yes, They prepared PPT of Lesson and

Giants world

Anita Dhawan



V –A Maths

To understand the place value charts. Knowledge about degree , knowledge of currency of different countries

Knowing the importance of tenths and hundreds value in currency, measure the length and width of the shape, height of the students.

Yes, They learnt about currency and Celsius




IV – B



Observe the roots of Neem tree and roots of grace, leaves of different trees. Knowledge of different Vegetables.

Germination of Seed, observing it daily. Drawing picture of seed on 4th and 8thday.

Yes, They learnt about strangeness of roots they can observe different vegetables. 

Sumitra Devi



II – A



Pictures of earth, mountains, plains shown to the students on computer. They will be shown globe.



Giving knowledge about earth, locating places on globe. They will be able to locate their home town state.

They are able to recognize the mountain, planes, hairs etc. India in globe

Anita Dhawan




Play with patterns

Concept – concept of different patterns will be cleared to the students.

Observation of various patterns. They will make their own pattern, design, secrete messages through patterns.


Students can make their own patterns. They are able to follow the various patterns

Sanyogta nagpal